How does a Pop-In Service work? 
Aunt Theresa wants to stay in her home for as long as possible. The family wants to keep her in her home as long as possible. Because Aunt Theresa is unsteady on her feet, and sometimes doesn’t bother to make herself a hot meal and forgets to take her medications so the family help.

However, with all the responsibilities and work the family members have, it is difficult to make it over to Aunt Theresa’s house every day and she needs someone to help on a consistent basis. Touching Hearts Senior Care is the best solution, we will send a perfectly matched caregiver over to her house at the designated time she and the family decide. This service is excellent for the person who needs just a little help to stay independent in their home. Each Pop-In Service is customized to the individual’s situation.

The service guidelines are as follows:

  • Requires a consistent schedule
  • Is offered in Mobile proper, however, in some cases it depends on caregiver availability
  • Is available in 1, 2 and 3 hours.
  • Typically used by clients who only require a short visit in situations like those below:
    • Check on a loved one and make sure s/he is okay
    • Ensure a loved one is taking medications
    • Help with a quick dusting, vacuuming, or other light cleaning
    • Help with a quick trip to/from the grocery store or an appointment
    • Take out the garbage, get the mail, heat up a quick meal
    • Provide peace of mind that a loved one is cared for
    • Help with or monitor bathing/showering
    • Help getting in and out of bed
    • Help putting on and taking off support stockings Call for rates, 251-445-4204