Fit Minds Cognitive Coaching

Fit Minds 1 on 1 Cognitive Coaching

Touching Hearts Senior Care is now offering Personal Trainers for the Mind, with certified Fit Minds Cognitive Coaching.

Our Fit Minds program is new to Mobile, Alabama.  Ms. Janet Knapp of Tampa, FL brought this program from Canada pre-COVID and we were trained and started providing services.  As we all know, COVID has changed the way we are doing business, so now we are going to answer the communities request and have classes to assist with saving your memory.  We start with a Memory Screening.  You can call our office at 251-445-4204 and get the schedule for our next Memory Screenings.

Personal Trainer for the Mind

  • Cognitive exercises customized to senior’s level of cognition
  • Monthly reporting and feedback on senior’s cognitive abilities and engagement
  • Fit Minds Cognitive Coaching has Meaningful relationships with clients and family members
  • Mental Stimulation and Meaningful Engagement for Seniors and Senior Living Communities
  • Supporting a wide range of cognitive abilities
  • Cognitive stimulation as a meaningful intervention to delay the advancement of cognitive decline

Find out more at the Fit Minds website here.

What is Fit Minds?

Fit Minds provides mental stimulation, in group and individualized programs for seniors and senior living communities.

Fit Minds exercises five key areas of cognition:

  1. Language and Music
  2. Visual / Spatial Orientation
  3. Memory / Long Term Memory
  4. Critical Thinking
  5. Computation

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