If you or an aging family member are interested in receiving care at home due to illness, chronic conditions, or limited mobility, you deserve the best! From help with chores to help with ensuring that your home is safe, getting home care help is more often considered a better option than uprooting your entire life and moving into a facility for seniors. At Touching Hearts Senior Care Services, we’re proud to be a top choice among seniors and their families in Mobile, AL. Keep reading to learn about four top reasons our clients choose our services for home care.

We Care About Your Family 

Our business name is more than just nice words. We believe in touching the hearts of our seniors and the families we serve by treating everyone as though they are our own family members. We care for you, grow relationships with you, and work to provide you with the services you need to thrive!

Wide Range of Services

When we say we’ll work with you to provide just about everything you need, we mean it! From simple at-home care tasks like helping with housework to helping with navigating the confusing paperwork and administrative work of the healthcare system and similar organizations, we’re proud to offer our seniors the services they need to stay healthy, financially sound, and happy!

Certified Caregivers

Welcoming a new stranger into your home can be nerve-wracking. However, when you’re working with Touching Hearts Senior Care, you can rest assured that our caregivers are committed to providing the best quality care and that they’ve been vetted as reliable, trustworthy, and compassionate service providers.

Specialty Support for Alzheimer’s and Dementia

We offer high-quality services for seniors with all kinds of needs, but we specialize in services for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. We understand that there’s a huge gap in care offerings for patients with these conditions and we’re proud to fill that gap for families in Mobile, AL.

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